Saturday, May 9, 2015

CSI: Whodunit

In the kitchen, with the candlestick...


  1. This is great fun. I love this blog. You know what else I love? That I made it here before Richard, did.

    1. Richard is busy modeling his medium-sized new shirts :)

    2. True. Now that he's in a medium, he doesn't have time for
      us silly girls.

      Hey, we hit an abandon amusement park this morning and
      we are just getting ready to go back, but this time with
      the camera. Duh, we forgot it the first go.

      Anyway, that's the scoop. Supper was good. Hope you're
      having a great weekend. Happy Ma Day and boogie boogie.

    3. That's us...the silly girls. Love it :)

      An abandoned amusement park! The best. Very smart to go back with the camera. You can't miss an opportunity like that.

      We just returned from a very long walk. Warm and humid around here. We went from winter to spring WOOOOSH...just like that. I spent most of the week painting. This coming week I'll make time for the garden. I've got to get out there and tidy up.

      Hey, you know, I hope you get a food blog up soon. I can't wait to see that!

    4. Winter to spring and then for us, back to winter again. So weird.

      Thanks. The food blog is on the back, back burner right now but
      not forgotten. I can't even do much cooking for us right now.

      Hopefully once fall hits I'll be back at it full-time.

      Yes, silly girls. The best.

    5. Well, I'm certainly looking forward to it. Whenever you are ready to launch, I'm there!

    6. Yes you are the silly girls hahaha great one about modeling in my medium size shirts, but it's not nice to pick on the smaller size boy LOL

    7. Oh come now, that smaller body size is your pride and joy right now :)

  2. Awesome , Martha
    See you in a month or longer ...