Thursday, February 25, 2016

Red Lentils

Healthy for the big people. Fun for the little ones.


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    1. Best to heed that warning with the size of these things!

  2. Ha! Glad they are having fun! I always used to love lentil soup, but we haven't made it in a long time now! Imagine how shocked the inhabitants of Miniaturopolis would be if they knew we ate their golf balls! Oh well, I won't tell them...else they might start hiding them in safes and bank vaults.

    1. HAHAHA! I'm keeping it a secret, too. I can imagine them stashing lentils to keep them from being eaten!

      I have an amazing and simple recipe for lentil soup, and when I do make it, I make a huge batch and freeze a lot of it for future meals. So tasty!

    2. It would be awesome if you could post the recipe sometime. I'm always on the lookout for *simple* recipes!

    3. I would love to share it. I'll create a post on my other blog this week. It's so simple and I think you will really like it!

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    1. These little people can be quite entertaining, eh?

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    1. Imagine how strong you have to be to golf with one of these :)

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    1. HAHAHA! I never thought of that, but YES, that's what it is.